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The head is the enlarged shape preformed on one end of a headed fastener to provide a bearing surface


The point of a fastener is the configuration of the end of the shank of a headed fastener or of each end of a headless fastener. more

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DIN : 7500 Part 2

For casted holes in Al and Zn alloys the core hole diameter is the mean value of dh' and dh" at a hole depth
t = 2d

Guidelines for application

These core hole diameters are based on actual tests made by manufacturers and users, depending on various materials, material thickness or drive-in depths.

These values are for guidance only and, especially, in mass production, it is recommended that one's own tests be carried out in order to achieve an optimal result. The test requirements according to DIN 7500 Part 1 may offer useful assistance.

Manufacturing processes, e.g. punching, which cause cold work hardening of the hole wall, require a somewhat larger hole. The same may be the case with casted holes (harder casting scale).
- Recommended tolerance field for these core holes : H 11
- St=st12 and St37-2
- Al=Al99,5F13 and AlMnF10
- Cu=E-Cu57F30, E-Cu58F30 and CuZnF38


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